3 Common Truck Accident Injuries and Lawyers

Unfortunately, there are many common truck accident injuries where the victims need lawyers and attorneys to represent them in a civil lawsuit against the truck driver and the trucking company. We share the three most common truck accident injuries, and give you some help in determining your next steps for a lawsuit.

There are many differences between a car accident and a truck accident, since the size of the truck accounts for so much more mass than the car. A truck that’s much bigger than a car (sometimes trucks even weigh 100 times that of a car), hitting it at any speed at all, can do a ridiculous amount of damage. Then, when you add in whatever speed the truck might have been traveling before it hit the car,  and it’s obvious that survivors of truck accident injuries should count their blessings.

The bigger the truck, the more injuries will occur in bigger wrecks. We’re referring to are tractor-trailer accidents, including construction equipment, like bulldozers, cranes and dump trucks, which usually result in death or serious injury to any car they hit.

The National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety notes that 73% of all deaths and truck accident injuries are suffered by the victims hit by the truck. Three out of four people injured in a truck accident are those that are riding in the smaller vehicle, like a car.

There are plenty of civil cases where just too much damage has caused by careless truck drivers and trucks that shouldn’t have been on the road in the first place. Truck accident injury Lawyers can successfully help victims and families of victims that have suffered a lot of pain and suffering due to the accident get awarded massive cash settlements.

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3 Common Truck Accident Injuries

While the driver of a vehicle and his passengers can be injured in many different ways, including injured to the point of death, here are the three most common truck accident injuries people struggle dealing with.

Injuries to the Head, Including Concussions

As the medical world is beginning to learn more and more about head injuries and concussions, like many NFL players have suffered over the past several decades, they’ve started to get better at diagnosing them after a truck accident. But even so, it’s still one of the most difficult injuries to diagnose. However, a person dealing with a head injury or concussion can have his whole lifestyle completely changed, sometimes dealing with brutal headaches and pain caused by bright lights or loud noises. Quite often, victims deal with vision problems, dizziness and nausea following a truck accident.

Internal Injuries

Many times, people that arrive to the scene of a truck accident and don’t see any blood might assume the injuries were minor. But blunt trauma might not cause a laceration anywhere on the body that would cause the loss of blood, but there could still be major issues with the victim’s organs. Internal bleeding is always a possibility, and that means a person’s internal organs, like their kidney, liver or pancreas to name a few, could be damaged.

Truck accident victims should seek medical help immediately by a physician, even if they don’t see any visible damage. Not only could there be internal bleeding and possible organ damage, but there could even be some broken bones that need tending to.

Injuries to the Back and Neck, Including ‘Whiplash’

The human spine is the tree trunk to the human body, and any injuries that affect it will certainly cause problems for the rest of the body. Some people might experience minor neck pain now that turns into something greater and more painful as they age, and dislocated discs in a person’s back will most certainly affect them for the remainder of their lives. Injuries to your skeletal system’s “backbone” often creates many problems for years and years to come.

Consider that relatively minor injuries to the back and neck have caused people to miss work for months, and it’s obvious just how serious truck accident injuries to this area can be.

Whiplash victims who have had their necks snapped back violently during a crash could be dealing with pain for the rest of their lives, unfortunately. They could even lose some of their motor functions, as well as some loss of their cognitive abilities.

In any kind of accident, whether it’s a car accident, motorcycle accident or truck accident, there are also many emotional issues that follow the personal injuries to the body. That doesn’t even count the possible loss of wages and disability that might be caused by some of these common truck accident injuries. Victims want to be justly compensated with a large cash settlement, which is where a good truck accident injury lawyer can help you. Learn more about truck accident litigation in this book.

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